Considerations for Your Vacation Rental Pet Policy

93% folks travelers aforementioned their pet makes a decent travel companion and fifty one of travelers with pets aforementioned they might bring their pet on on each vacation if they might, per a Best Western survey. The third most looked for sweetness on HomeAway and it’s different listing sites is “pet friendly.” Its clear that renters fancy conveyance their hairy friends on vacation, and acceptive pets at your vacation rental might considerably increase your bookings. If you are considering permitting pets at your vacation rental, there area unit many things to rely on for your pet policy.


Check your policy to visualize what restrictions they need for harm caused by pets. area unit there breed restrictions? can your insurance cowl a guest’s pet if they attack someone?

Homeowner’s Association Rules

If your rental is in an exceedingly managed community that includes a homeowner’s association, you wish to ascertain and see if they need specific rules concerning pets. several associations outline the quantity of pets, sorts of pets, and breeds allowed. These rules area unit generally found within the CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) provided by the association management.

Increase in Revenue

With edifice client satisfaction scores on the decline, additional renters area unit wanting to vacation rentals as associate degree choice. permitting pets could also be the somebody between selecting a edifice or a competitive vacation rental, therefore increasing your bookings.

Additional problem

Allowing pets is an additional liability and you must certify that you just area unit okay with the extra responsibilities that return along side a pet-friendly property. extra cleanup are going to be needed once every guest visit, particularly if you have got a renter UN agency is allergic to pet dander. it’s not uncommon for pets to scratch wooden flooring, probe the carpets, have associate degree accident within the house, or tear at the screen.

Creating Your Pet Policy

If you opt to permit pets in your rental unit, you wish to incorporate pertinent info in your pet policy to reduce liability and set clear expectations for your renters. This info can shield you and therefore the vacation rental unit, and will include:

Type of Pet

The Best Western study shows that eighty fifth of pet travelers travel with their dog, whereas twenty first travel with a cat. Dogs and cats area unit the foremost common sorts of pets allowed, however what if a guest desires to bring a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, snake, iguana, or parrot?

Pet Breed

Clearly define if there area unit sure aggressive breeds, like Rottweilers or Pitbulls, allowed. Your insurance or homeowner’s policy might also dictate these breed restrictions.


What accommodations can you give for pets? Is there a domestic dog bed, food or water bowl for the pets to utilize, or do guests got to bring all of their own supplies?


Any extra needs specific to your rental ought to even be printed. These may embrace whether or not the pet should be leashed or in an exceedingly carrier in sure areas of your home. does one solely wish to just accept pets that area unit castrated or castrated , or of an exact age (i.e. no puppies UN agency area unit simply learning to be potty trained)? If guests area unit needed to point out proof of vaccinations or guarantee correct epizoon and tick management, certify to stipulate the method. you’ll be able to conjointly detail however pet waste ought to be disposed of and outline “quiet hours” to appease sad neighbors just in case of excessive noise or barking.

Pet Rent

To recoup a number of the more prices of permitting pets, you must think about charging pet rent. This additional rent (typically $20-$50 per night) will cowl prices like steam cleanup article of furniture or spraying pesticides to make sure that fleas or different bugs don’t invade your unit.

Pet Deposit

It is conjointly a decent plan to charge a vacation rental pet deposit. this sediment is wont to get things that the pet might break or harm. place in writing whether or not or not this sediment are going to be refundable. If it’s refundable, you wish to state the conditions so as to urge a refund at the top of their keep.

Having a pet policy ought to eliminate any confusion concerning your house rules and conditions for permitting pets, do you have to commit to settle for them. it is best to avoid surprises and set clear expectations for your renters.

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